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Each room has a room leader who holds a Level 3 qualification. The children follow the 7 areas of learning, which are; Communication and language, Physical development, Personal, Social and Emotional development, Literacy, Mathematics, understanding of the world and expressive arts and design.


Each child will have a key worker who will work closely with the children and add to each child's Learning Journey. Parents/carers are able to view their child’s folders whenever they wish. We aim to support parents/carers through every stage of development and work with them to provide the best care for their child.




Staff ratio is 1 adult to 4 children. The staff in this room follow the Early Years Foundation stage framework when planning activities for and observing and recording the children’s progress and development.

The seahorses have their own part of the room, separated by dividers and a gate. Although they are split from the older children, they also have times when we bring the whole room together. In this group the children get more involved with group work and other sensory play such as shaving foam, play dough, bloop and compost play.

They also have the opportunity to mark make using a variety of equipment. Other activities include Dulpo, Sticklebricks, books, role play singing/dancing + lots more.







                                           Seahorses Room (2-3 years)


This group also work the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. These children are involved in many activities that help them to develop their skills and work towards the Early Learning Goals.

We cover different topics each term. We base activities around each topic, the activities are designed to develop the children in each of the areas listed above. We follow the curriculum guidance for the Foundation Stage.

Children are encouraged to make choices throughout the day, and staff encourage the children to participate in free play throughout your child’s sessions. Staff also have a focus activity daily that all children will have the opportunity to join in with.

Resources are varied, and will help to promote all areas of development. They have a craft and messy area, a computer and plenty of space for other activities, outside and in.

Dolphins Room (3-5 years)

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